v2.10.0 2019-05-27

  • A new drawing tool has been added! Use the magnifying glass to zoom into the canvas and get those details right.
  • Hold down the spacebar while drawing a rectangle to create a rotated square.
  • The eyedropper shortcut has been changed to the spacebar since the ALT key caused issues in Firefox.

v2.9.0 2019-05-16

  • The line tool has been extended!
    • Hold down the SHIFT key while drawing a line to constrain its angle to multiples of 45 degrees.
    • Hold down the CTRL key while drawing a line to extend it to both sides from its origin.
  • For when you're staying up way too late and your eyes get tired, you can now enable night mode from the settings dialog.
  • The Wikipedia snippets have been shortened a tiny bit. 500 characters was a bit much.
  • Collaboration rooms have received an icon.
  • Collaboration rooms now count the number of rounds played.
  • Fixed: Collaboration rooms did not work properly.
  • Fixed: Rooms cards in the room list (lobby) with more than one word list were sometimes growing too wide in Firefox, breaking the layout.
  • Fixed: One of the recent updates to Firefox broke the drawing history :o

v2.8.1 2019-05-14

  • Fixed: Position of the drawing tool boxes was not remembered between sessions.
  • Fixed: The button to hide the player list on small screens was not positioned correctly.

v2.8.0 2019-05-13

  • Icons indicating the rooms' languages have been added to the room list.
  • The room list is now sorted by language, then by room name (custom rooms still appear at the bottom).
  • The found word is now emphasized in your correct guess to make it more visible when your guess contained more than just the drawn word.
  • Fixed: The drawn word did not show correctly in the drawing history.

v2.7.0 2019-05-09

  • You can now access the player list on small screens by tapping the players button.
  • The settings, account, and room settings dialogs have been adjusted for small screens.
  • The drawing tool boxes can now be collapsed on small screens by tapping their handle.
  • After a round you can now click on the words to reveal a short description from Wikipedia.

v2.6.0 2019-05-07

  • Mobile users rejoice! Limited support for small screens has been added.
  • In addition to the Escape key, private chat can now also be ended by pressing Enter / Return while the input field is empty.
  • The latest updates are now also shown on the home / login page.

v2.5.0 2019-05-06

  • The server is now a little more forgiving towards poor connections (required ping response time has been increased).
  • Close guesses are now also highlighted in the artist's chat box.
  • A guess that finds one of the words is now also highlighted in the chat box (in addition to the notification).
  • Hints for multiple words / phrases are now separated with | instead of ,. That should increase readability of the hints.
  • The break in the chat box after a round now also shows the players that have found the word.
  • The player list in the lobby got a little narrow sometimes. Now its minimum width has been increased.
  • When a room operator changes the room settings player are now notified about the changes.
  • To see the current room settings (while inside the room) you can click on the room's title.
  • Fixed: "Number of words to score" was not remembered when opening the dialog to change room settings.
  • Fixed: In multi-puzzle games you were only notified once you found all words, not for each one.
  • Fixed: "Words to score" could not be higher than the number of options to choose from.
  • Fixed: Umlauts and other language-specific characters showed up alongside punctuation in hints.

v2.4.0 2019-04-17

  • The last missing sound effects have been added for "dance", "kiss", and "smile".

v2.3.2 2019-04-16

  • Fixed: The icon highlighting the current artist did not always udpate properly.

v2.3.0 2019-04-11

  • The time scored points are shown at the end of a round has been increased.
  • The time notifications are shown has been increased.
  • A hint has been added to the chat input field telling you to press Escape to stop sending private messages.
  • Private conversations can now be color coded. You can turn on player-specific background colors for private messages in the settings dialog.
  • The player and friend lists now have little arrows indicating whether the list has been collapsed or not.
  • Names of players in the same room can be autocompleted in the chat input box by pressing the tab key . Press the key multiple times to cycle through all players.
  • The number of messages kept in the chat when switching rooms has been reduced for better performance.
  • The handling of sound effects has been improved to avoid unexpected behavior (like hearing the hurry-up music twice).
  • Fixed: The current artist was not highlighted in the player list upon joining a room.
  • Fixed: Long words in chat messages caused horizontal scrolling in the chat box.
  • Fixed: Close and correct guesses were not blocked in private messages.

v2.2.0 2019-04-09

  • I don't want to get in trouble with GDPR. Check out the new Privacy Policy!
  • Contents of the chat are now remembered when switching between rooms and the lobby.
  • The "You have found the word" notification now also tells you which word you have found.
  • Your close guesses are highlighted in the chat window.
  • A break is shown in the chat after a round and displays the word from that round.
  • Selecting text in the chat is now possible.
  • Typing anything while the chat is out of focus now automatically puts the focus back on the chat input field.
  • Fixed: A player's context menu still showed "Remove friend" after they had been removed from your friend list.
  • Fixed: The away status of players in the friend list was not updated properly.
  • Fixed: Hints for puzzles with multiple words did not show the spaces between the words.

v2.1.0 2019-04-07

  • As long as you have saved an e-mail address with your account you can now request a password reset link in case you have forgotten your password.
  • The base volume for all sound effects has been increased. Make some noise!
  • The drawing cursor's contrast has been increased to make it more visible while drawing.
  • Alternative drawing cursors can be selected from the settings menu.
  • Default names for new players are now "Doodle" or "Bash" instead of "Newbie".
  • Fixed: The chat used to scroll slightly up when you started drawing and then not automatically scroll down again when new messages where added.
  • Fixed: Opera also had some problems with the chat window overflowing. No more I say!

v2.0.3 2019-04-06

  • Focus is now restored to the chat input field after clicking on buttons. Keep on typing!
  • Fixed: Firefox had the chat grow out of view as messages where added. That should no longer happen.
  • Fixed: The player profiles and menus now scroll when their content is too big for the page.
  • Fixed: The chat no longer scrolls up after clicking the "toggle size" button.

v2.0.2 2019-04-05

Initial release