How to play

Click on one of the rooms to join a game.
As a guesser you have to type your guesses into the chat box to score points. The first three players to guess correctly receive extra points.
When it is your turn to draw you will have to pick a word from a list of options and illustrate that word without using any letters within the given time limit. The more people guess your word correctly, the more points will be awarded to you.


As an artist:
You receive 5 points for the first correct guess and 1 additional point for any further correct guesses.
Every hint that you give detracts 1 point from the points gained in that round.

As a guesser:
If you guess the word correctly you receive 5 points. The first three players to find the word receive additional points.


[drawing tools]
  1. Undo undo the last stroke
  2. Redo repeat the last undone stroke
  3. Clear clear the canvas
  4. Zoom zoom into an area of the canvas, when zoomed in you can use the minimap panel to move the shown area and use the mouse wheel on the minimap to zoom in and out in small steps
  5. Eyedropper pick up the color where you click (you can hold down the spacebar to temporarily switch to the eyedropper tool)
  6. Clone copy an area of the canvas and paste it in another spot, hold down SHIFT to lasso select custom shaped areas
  7. Pencil draws regular solid lines
  8. Brush paints softer lines
  9. Spray can sprays paint onto an area
  10. Smudge smears the paint that is already on the canvas
  11. Bucket / Fill fills a connected area of the same color
  12. Rectangle draws a rectangle, click again draw a filled shape, hold down SHIFT to create a square, hold down CTRL to center the shape on the click position, hold down the spacebar to draw a rotated square
  13. Oval draws an oval, click again to draw a filled shape, hold down SHIFT to create a circle, hold down CTRL to center the shape on the click position
  14. Line draws a line, click again to draw a curved line, hold down SHIFT to constrain the line to angles that are multiples of 45 degrees (e.g. 0°, 45°, 90°, ...), hold down CTRL to extend the line in both directions (the middle of the line will be at the point you started the drawing line)



  • You can press tab key() while typing to autocomplete names of players in the same room.
  • Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to go through the last messages you have sent.
  • Click on a player's name in the chat box to start a private conversation with them.
  • Just start typing and the chat input should automatically gain focus.
  • Put # in front of a room's name to turn it into a link (if the room's name contains spaces you need to surround the name with parentheses), e.g.
    Let's play in #English or Let's play in #(Double Trouble)

Chat commands

The chat windows support many IRC like commands that you can type into the chat box.

Command Description Example
/ping Test the speed of your connection to the server.
/join $room
/j $room
Join the specified room. /join English
/j English
/invite $player Invite the specified player to join the room you are currently in. /invite jane
/message $player $message
/msg $player $message
/m $player $message
Send a private message to another player. /message jane Hi, Jane :)
/msg jane Hi, Jane :)
/m jane Hi, Jane :)
/query $player $message
/q $player $message
Start a private chat with another player. If anything is written after the player's name that will be sent as the first private message.
Press Esc to exit the private chat.
/query jane Hi, Jane :)
/q jane Hi, Jane :)
/query jane
/me $message Send an action message. /me is happy!
/away Toggle between being away and not being away.
/find $player Find out which room the specified player is playing in.
If no player name is given: Try to find all of your friends (you need to be registered to use the friend list).
/find jane
/names $room List all the players in the specified room. /names English
/watch $player Add or remove a player from your friend list (you need to be registered to use the friend list). /watch jane
/nick $newNick Temporarily change your nick name. /nick JohnDoe